Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random stuff

After this post by Katie, I decided to try again to set up a network where our computers could access files from each other. Mama and I are often having to email files from one to the other, or put files on a cd to take to the other, so if we could access the files through the network, that would simplify matters greatly. I gave it a try a little while ago, when I needed a file off Mama's computer, and it was actually pretty easy, much easier than setting up the network system for the internet! This will be so useful.

I've been having really weird dreams lately, I think caused by the sinus medicine I've been taking. One night, I had a dream where I was riding a motorcycle, right after driving our van at breakneck speed to the grocery store. Then in one dream, we were fixing up some big, fancy house for a party, and there were Phantom of the Opera things all around, like a music box playing Music of the Night and a piano that played Phantom songs. In another dream, we lived in an underground house sort of like a hobbit hole(it was an awesome house, btw), and Mama went to some ladies meeting thing where she met Carmon. Oh, and there was the dream where I went to Virginia and Wyoming, and they were right beside each other. I got to see a lot of beautiful fall colors, as well as some snow, but I'm not really sure how I managed to get from one state to the other so quickly. Then last night, I had a dream that Doug Phillips started a church here that was an offshoot of his in San Antonio, because there were a lot of people here who wanted to go to his church, but couldn't make the drive every week. So he was going to have some people he knew well speaking at this church, and he would come up and visit every so often. It was quite interesting. I think Patsy Cline featured in my dreams somewhere as well, because I woke up with some of her songs stuck in my head.

This is a good post that makes you think about the extreme amounts of money people will spend on weddings, and how many other things one could do with the same amount of money spent on a typical wedding.

I'm still dealing with the bronchitis some, but I think I'm on the mend. The worst part of it right now is that bronchitis irritates asthma, so I'm struggling more with that than I had been. But if I could get over the bronchitis this quickly, that would really be wonderful, considering when I've had it before, it lasted several months.

I thought this quiz was interesting:

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