Thursday, September 21, 2006


Tomorrow it will be one year since we evacuated for Hurricane Rita. It's strange to think back to this night a year ago, when we were packing up to leave. We live in a mobile home and were right on the projected path for the hurricane to hit us straight on, so we didn't know if we would have a home when we got back. A few weeks before, we were helping with some of the Katrina victims, so we got to see a lot of that firsthand and hear stories about what happened to them. It was mind-boggling to realize we were then evacuees ourselves! Here's another post from before we left, then here you can read the log I kept of our trip. One thing I didn't mention there is that it was 102 degrees outside when we set up camp! I love camping, but that was just too much. The lake was a wonderful relief though.

My asthma has been bad the last few days, and I've had a bad headache tonight. I thought I was having a rough night until I realized that one year ago tonight, we were packing up to leave thinking we weren't going to have a house to come home to. It's really all a matter of perspective.


Jessica said...

Wow, Lindsay, that's amazing! I knew it was coming up on a year but I had forgotten the exact date. You're so right...A year ago today we didn't know if we'd be coming back to our house either. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year - I can still remember everything so well - including how HOT it was! That was unreal!!!

Lindsay said...

It is hard to believe it's been a year! In some ways, it feels like it was only a few months ago. And hasn't the weather been so much nicer lately than it was then??

lindafay said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thanks for the crochet patterns site.
I've enjoyed reading your blog. Many blessings to you!

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much!