Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bronchitis and Glasses

Ragweed seems to be in bloom again. I have yet to see any, but I've been fighting bronchitis for the past week, and that comes in with the ragweed. I actually managed to avoid it last year, and just had problems with asthma, colds, and sinus infections. But for the two winters before, I had chronic bronchitis until the cold weather set in and killed all the pollen. I'm hopeful that it won't last so long this time though, and I'm doing what I can to fight it off. I've been taking some decongestants, which seems to help a lot, so if I keep on that, maybe this will go away sooner.

I did make an interesting discovery last week, which I probably wouldn't have made had I not been sick. A few years ago, I got glasses and wore them for a while, then didn't seem to need them anymore. Since then, I've worn them occasionally, but not regularly; when my allergies were at the worst, they would put pressure on my eyes and irritate them, so I'd sometimes wear my glasses while reading or on the computer if I was getting a headache. I would sometimes test them out, and didn't really notice any difference in my vision when reading with my glasses. Well, being sick this past week, I haven't felt up to doing much. There were some crochet projects I wanted to start, so I've been working on my crocheting a lot. Earlier in the week, I was watching a movie and crocheting, and realized it was putting a lot of strain on my eyes to look back and forth between the tv screen and my crochet project. I put on my glasses and felt much better. The next day, I wore my glasses whenever working on something like that, then that evening, I went to the store with Mama and left my glasses on. At one point when we were in the van, I took them off the clean them. I suddenly realized that everything outside the van was much more out of focus, and my eyes really had to work to focus on things. Looking back and forth between various objects, trucks, signs, etc., my eyes had to adjust and work to focus. I put my glasses back on, and I could see ever so much better! I had no idea how bad my vision was because that was normal to me. I think that when I would have any problems with my eyes, I would blame it on allergies; I believe a lot of "sinus headaches" I got were actually caused by strain from my eyes, not from sinus problems. Now when I don't wear my glasses, I'm amazed at how quickly I get a headache. I still forget to put them on sometimes after waking up or taking a shower, as I'm not completely used to wearing them, but I soon remember and put them on. At least I've stopped hitting them. At first, I would reach up to scratch my face or be signing to Sarah, and I would hit my glasses, not used to them being there. But I'm glad I found out I need to wear them!

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