Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'll be tweaking my site layout some today with the new Blogger Beta, so things might look a bit odd from time to time.

Edit: I'm having trouble getting HaloScan commenting up with Blogger Beta, so I'll have to go back to Blogger commenting. However, anyone with a Blogger account who isn't yet using Beta can't use their Blogger account to comment, so you'll just have to type in your name and site yourself. When I first started having trouble with the comments recently, it was right after I switched to Blogger Beta. Blogger Beta has some good things about it, but I am getting tired of all the problems with comments. Anyway, thankfully my mom had the comments from my last entry open on her computer when I lost them all on mine, so I copied them and emailed them to myself and I'll go manually put them back in. Considering I wrote up a very long comment in reply to the long comments already there, I'm really glad I didn't lose them all!