Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Additions

Mama and I went to Wal-mart tonight, and had a rather interesting shopping list:

  • sorbet

  • Italian ice

  • Prince Charming

I would imagine the last item on the list raises some questions. How on earth could we expect to find a prince charming at Wal-mart?? Well, the story behind that started with my sisters' decision to buy some fish. They've been setting up the tank recently, then bought the fish today. They saw some frogs for sale as well, and we all talked about it this evening and really wanted to get one. Over dinner, we decided we should buy one and name him Prince Charming, though none of us wanted to try kissing him. Mama and I were going to get one when we went to Wal-mart, hence the curious shopping list. We actually ended up getting two frogs, and I named the other Marshwiggle. Mama is taking pictures right now, so I should have some of those available to post soon.

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