Sunday, March 04, 2007


I really did intend to keep you all updated more...I guess a lack of activity has kept me from posting much, but I should start posting again anyway. I've been wanting to write more, and maybe journaling would be a good start. I used to write in journals a lot more, but online and on paper, but I've slacked off the past several months.

First off, I haven't been doing much, on account of the fact that I'm still trying to get myself well. I went back to the doctor earlier in the week to refill a prescription, and apparently the sinus infection from four weeks ago is still hanging around, which would explain a lot of why I've been feeling so bad. That also irritates the asthma. So I've been staying on antibiotic and heavy decongestants a lot this week, which has been rough, but I think it's helping me. I've had a rough night, but also felt better this morning than I've been feeling, so maybe it's a good sign, and hopefully I'll be feeling better sometime over this next week.

I had so many writing goals for the month! I wanted to get a ton written in February, but between being sick and being drugged because I was sick, that hasn't exactly happened. Hopefully I can get more written throughout this month. I'm making it a goal anyway...maybe if I post about it here, I'll be more inclined to do so.


99% cocoa dark chocolate is good, especially with coffee. It's very strong though, so I would recommend working your way up to it in degrees. Wal-mart has Ghirardhelli 60% cocoa with ground espresso beans, and I think that's the best chocolate I've ever had. Absolutely fabulous. I don't know if you can get the 99% stuff here in America though. I have friends in high places... ;) Well, Europe, really. That's where mine came from. :P

I'm tired of computer problems. Our router died earlier this week, and our modem was acting up as well. They were almost five years old and really needed to be fixed anyway, but it was still frustrating, especially considering I spent three hours trying to get the new router working before I found out the modem was having trouble too. But my laptop is now wireless, which makes me happy! *grin* Maybe I'll post more about the other computer problems later. I'm more cheered up right now and don't want to think about that anymore. :P

I need something to read. Of course, I have plenty of books I haven't read or want to read again, but I'm indecisive and none of them interest me at the moment. Though I would like to read The Silmarillion again. Maybe I'll read that one.

I'm writing a short story in the style of Wodehouse. It's rather fun, though I haven't gotten very far. I decided I wanted to have a go at that writing style, so we'll see how that turns out! I've read a bit of Wodehouse before, then this week, have started watching Jeeves and Wooster. Hugh Laurie is brilliant as Wooster! He's really a great actor, and does the role perfectly. :)

I'm getting rather sleepy now, so toodle pip!