Saturday, December 02, 2006

Odd Phone Calls

Several weeks ago, I got a call on my cell phone for someone asking if Toffee was here...I didn't have any toffee lying about, so I told them no. Just now, I got a call asking for ATM! I don't know if she was asking for someone called ATM, if she wanted to know if there was an ATM here, or if she thought I was an ATM, but it was rather odd.

And look, two posts in less than 24 hours! That hasn't happened in a while. We're not going to that Christmas ball after all, because it's just too short notice for getting together costumes and all. We're planning for the spring ball though! My hand is improving a lot too. I'm able to use it a lot more now. It's such a relief to have it healing on its own!


Carolj said...

I'm glad you hand is feeling better!

Strange phone calls! Could it have been the same person pulling a prank for 'fun'??

Lindsay said...

I did wonder that...but I really don't think it's anyone I know, and since it was my cell phone, I wouldn't think it would be as easily to just find the number for prank calls. Maybe it was the same person who got the number wrong twice, and they were trying to call people and just using nicknames? Toffee and ATM...hmm.