Monday, December 04, 2006


I've had this cold for a week and a day now, and it just doesn't want to go away! I keep asking it to leave, but it seems quite content to stay. :sigh: It will let me think it's leaving, then announce its presence again, letting me know it hasn't gone anywhere. Today I did wake up not feeling so tired and run down, but the cold seems to have moved to my respiratory system now, which isn't good. I'm rather susceptible to respiratory infections and bronchitis, so I'm hoping and praying I won't get either of those!

This afternoon, I had a brilliant plan for getting rid of my cold: I could bribe it with chocolate! Few can resist the lures of chocolate, so my plan seemed sure to work. I would offer to eat chocolate if only my cold would go away. I proceeded to eat a nice, big piece of chocolate, all for the sake of my cold, you know, telling my cold how mighty obliged I would be if it would leave me in peace once it had its chocolate. But alas, it was to no avail. It would seem that my cold is one of those odd creatures that actually doesn't like chocoate, so my brilliant plan did no good, and the cold is still here. The chocolate made me happy though, so it wasn't completely in vain.

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Lora K. said...

I think the cold is staying because you are bribing it. That's how it always happens with bribery... the person sticking it to you gets greedy, always wanting more. I think you should cut it off cold turkey! Abstain from chocolate for a month, it's sure to give up by then and move on.