Thursday, July 13, 2006

First post!

My first post here! Most of you reading this probably know already, but I had to switch over here from my other blog because of technical difficulties. The server that was hosting our domain has been making some changes recently, merging with another company or some such thing, and that's causing problems for many of the users. Our main site, Master's Key, is working just fine, but our other sites branching off of it aren't working properly. You should be able to see my old blog by using this link:, but you can't comment, and I can't add new entries. Mama's blog is having the same problem. I think this is most frustrating because I've just been putting in all these hours trying to fix up Mama's site and get mine ready to switch around, and now I can't do any of that. Ah well. Life goes on.

Since I can't use that blog, I decided to set this one up, but it's taken me all evening to decide what to call it. I remembered I used this name for my old blog a while back, and had a layout for it, so I thought I might be able to use the same layout here. I'll work on it and see if I can
fix that up. I have so much fun fixing layouts, as I like being able to get creative with them and make new designs.

Why The Last Homely House, you might ask. The Last Homely House is a place in Imladris from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Nestled in the mountains, nearly impossible to find unless you know where to look, Imladris is a beautiful haven where elves reside. Music, singing, and storytelling abound, and the peaceful atmosphere is a welcome refuge for a weary soul. Since I love music, singing, stories, and nature, I find all that very appealing. Also, Tolkien's beautiful descriptions in Lord of the Rings are what inspired me to want to be a writer, which is another reason I like using something from his works.


Katie said...

Welcome to blogspot! I'm sorry you're having trouble with your regular site. I know website problems can be very frustrating. =0

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I'm on the phone(on hold...listening to weird music) with tech support right now, trying to work out some of the problems. A lot of people using this web hosting service are having similar problems.

Melaney said...

Hey soul sis,

Glad to see that you will be on blogspot more!

Love ya lots,

Jessica said...

Hi Lindsay! Glad you're back up and running, even if it's on a different website...I'll be checking back! :)

Lindsay said...

Hey Melzie, and thanks! I'm starting to find my way around Blogspot and figure things out. :) I was having trouble with my entry not showing up, then I saw I had to republish the blog first. :)

Thanks, Jessica! :D I'm watching the Astros, so I'm thinking of you! :)