Monday, July 24, 2006

Abraham Update

Friday, a judge ruled that Abraham Cherrix, the boy I wrote about in my last entry, must undergo the chemotherapy. An article about the ruling can be found here, and more information here.

It's sad that the judge can make such a ruling. A girl his age could have an abortion without parental consent. In Virginia, where he lives, someone his age can appeal to be emancipated
from his parents. However, Abraham can't make the decision to treat his cancer naturally, even with his parents' approval. Please be praying for them as they make an appeal to have the judge's ruling stayed.


Melaney said...

How terrible! I will be praying for his family!

Spunky said...

Thanks for blogging about this and linking to my post. It is a tragedy that he has to fight his cancer and the state at the same time.

John said...

It is very sad! We don't have a TV, but my grandma taped the television show that was on tonight so that we could see it. We are most certainly being denied our rights and the only way we can keep them is to stand up for them and use them, but very few people do any more.