Tuesday, November 28, 2006


i'm rebelling against the rules of grammar and not using any capitalization for this post. in fact, i haven't been using capitalization much today in what i type. i find it rather amusing.

actually, i do have a better reason than just the fact that it's fun. you see, i have these odd ways of injuring myself...i don't get hurt doing things one would naturally see as all that dangerous. i get hurt in weird ways, or doing something rather everyday. last wednesday night, i was sitting here at my desk(which is actually a plastic table), and i had a movie on. i noticed the screen was dusty, so i grasped the edge of the desk and leaned over to wipe off the dust. the desk shocked my hand, leaving my fingers numb, then in a lot of pain, and left it sore all the way up my arm. i certainly didn't think it would still be giving me trouble almost a week later, but it is. sometimes it isn't bothering me much, but if i turn my hand or arm just the wrong way, it sends shooting pains and leaves it sore for a while. it's rather odd, really. i never thought a static shock like that could cause this! i think it must be a problem with the nerves. ice helps the pain, and i'm hoping it will improve soon if i take things easy. oh, and as for the lack of capitalization, i'm mainly typing this one-handed, and don't feel like bothering with the capitals. i can use my right hand some, but it's currently wrapped in a bandage and taking a rest.

this link might be of interest to some of you houston area people who enjoy dancing: conroe christmas ball we're planning on attending, and i'm quite excited!

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Katie said...

The Christmas ball sounds like fun! Be sure to post pictures afterwards.