Friday, November 10, 2006

Sweet Harmony

Tuesday night of last week, I heard a cat fight outside, so I went to see which cat Tumnus was beating up and to try to break up the fight. It was another smaller cat I had never seen before, and once I chased him off, I tried to get the other to let me approach. She started to run off, then as she was about to get over the fence, she let me go over to her. I picked her up, and she was so skinny! She looked like she hadn't been fed in weeks, and she had some scratches and cuts. I took her inside and took her into my room, so she might feel safer than out in the open house, and I fed her and gave her some water. When Mama came in to see the cat, I started explaining how hungry she was and how she was getting beaten up and couldn't fend for herself...and of course all that was followed by, "Can I keep her?" So all of that resulted in the newest member of our family, whom I named Harmony.

She's such a sweet cat! She was so starved for attention at first. That night, if I would stop petting her, she would come rub up against me, and she always wanted to be near me. She still loves attention, but isn't so deprived anymore. With all of us around, she gets plenty of attention now!


Beka said...

She is ADORABLE! I wish I could pick her up through the computer screen!! Do you have other pets besides her, the other cat, and your frogs? I love cats. I've never had one for a pet 'cause Mom is allergic.

I want to put you on my Link list, but I never got how to do that and always have Lindsey do it for me, and she's so busy right now.... Just know that I haven't forgotten! :o) TTFN!

Lindsay said...

We have a lot of fish(I keep losing count because it keeps changing), three parakeets, one pet mouse, and one poodle/yorkie mix. I think that's everybody! We had a dove we rescued from a cat, but she was let go today. I'm sure she's much happier now! :D

I understand completely how that goes! I get called upon to do that kind of stuff myself. ;)

Carolj said...

Aww! She's cute! Too bad we're allergic to cats in this house...:-(

When did you get a mouse!? Cool! 8-)

Beka said...

"Everybody" sounds like they're fun! :oP I almost bought a parakeet about 5 years ago. When I return to the States, I'm planning on buying a canary!