Monday, October 09, 2006


"If you're ever being chased by a lion, just run under a giraffe, because the lions don't like to go under giraffes, so you'll be safe."

That's an interesting tidbit of information given to me by Rachel today.

I finished reading the book Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier, yesterday. It has more language than I would like, but it was well-written and had an intriguing plot. My only complaint about the writing is that the book seemed to end rather abruptly. However, the story is told in first person, and you know from the beginning how she ends up, so at least it doesn't leave you wondering.

I've decided my novel is going to be set in WWII, on the American home front. I'd like to write it in a style similar to Little Women, about the family's life at home and their joys and trials together. I'm doing research now so I can start writing come November and not have to worry about the research then.

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