Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sensitive Skin

Tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor for my asthma. I've been having a lot of trouble with it lately, and have reached the point where I need to get some medicine to help me get back to feeling well. The doctor I usually go to isn't there, because his wife just had a baby, so I'll be seeing a new doctor. Hopefully that goes well, and she won't want to try to push too many medicines on me.

I'm currently researching herbs and photosensitivity. This summer, I've developed a sensitivity to the sun, where if I'm out in direct sunlight in the heat, it actually hurts my skin. I've always had light skin and burned easily, but I've never felt this way before. My skin has become more sensitive this year, with me reacting to products I had never had a problem with before; the last time was a few weeks ago, when a body wash made me break out in hives, which started causing respiratory problems as well. I'm using more natural products now. But I'm trying to figure out if the increased skin sensitivity is why I'm more sensitive to the sun, or if it's something I'm taking. I'm taking some herbal pills for my asthma, but haven't yet found anything about those herbs causing photosensitivity. It would make sense that it was something in there, since I've just started doing this over the summer, which is when I started taking these pills as well.
I've been learning to knit this week. I bought a book that teaches the basics, then I found a kit on sale at Wal-mart for $1. I'm enjoying it, but it is hard to get used to after crocheting. I thought it was a lot harder at first, but I just wasn't used to it.


Katie said...


I hope you feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Katie! I think I am starting to recover now, finally! :)