Sunday, August 13, 2006


We're currently caring for a dove rescued from a neighborhood cat Friday evening. When we found him, we didn't think he was going to survive the night because he appeared to be hurt badly. He had some injuries to his chest that looked bad, but they seem to be healing nicely, and aren't as deep as we first thought. He is missing most of his tail feathers, as well as the wing feathers from one of his wings, and has some cuts. However, he appears to be doing well, and seems even more alert today than he was yesterday. He's hopping around his box, and will step up on my fingers and try to walk up my arm. We have to be careful though, as he's still hurt and he keeps trying to fly, not realizing he can't.

The cat who attacked him was Mr. Tumnus, the cat that adopted us recently. He's been moody ever since, and was mad at us for a while Friday night. He was sitting out on top of the van and wouldn't even look at us when we called him. I think he's getting over it though.

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