Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finally updating...

I know I haven't been updating much lately, but that's really because there hasn't been much for me to update about. I've been sick a lot this winter, so haven't been doing an awful lot. I'm feeling a lot better at the moment than I was a week ago...A week ago from this moment, I was sitting in the hospital getting a breathing treatment for my asthma. It had been flaring up a lot that week, getting worse than it had ever been, and late that night(or, rather, early that morning), it became clear I needed to go in, because I just couldn't get it under control. We got there about 2am, and five hours, three breathing treatments, two x-rays, and one big scary needle later, we finally got home again. I was so wired from all the medicine, it was still a couple more hours before I could get to sleep. I felt better than I had felt in weeks though! The breathing treatments helped a lot, and I got a prescription for a nebulizer, so I can do breathing treatments at home when I need, and hopefully avoid further hospital trips.

I've felt pretty good most of the week, compared to how I felt last week. This change in weather over the past few days is bothering me some, but I'm hoping I'm finally on the mend! I'll try to update here more often, when there's anything to update about. :)

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