Saturday, January 06, 2007

Finally updating...

This is my first post from my new laptop!! I got it Thursday night. I love it!! :D It's wonderful, and I love having a laptop. And it's so much better than my old computer! I've been transferring files, downloading stuff, and ripping music to this computer. I love it. :D I named her Ezri, after a character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I love my new computer! I thought of something that would be rather amusing to try...It would be fun to get pictures of my laptop and carry them in my purse, then when I meet someone, I can say, "Do you want to see pictures of my baby?" and pull out my laptop pictures. :grin: That would be too much fun.

It's been an interesting adjustment, trying to get used to the keyboard and touchpad on the laptop. The touchpad is very sensitive, and sometimes I click things twice without meaning to, or click places without trying, or accidently move the cursor around and click things with my hand while I'm typing. Then there have been a few times I kept trying to click the right key and it just wouldn't work, no matter how many times I tapped it...then I realized I was tapping my right finger on the pad instead of clicking the button. The keyboard is different as well, but I like it. And it's nice being able to move around and sit on my bed or on the floor or at the desk...I love having a laptop!

I've been getting plenty of rest and taking things easy, trying not to do too much. I think I am getting well though. Overall, I'm feeling better than I was and feel up to do more.

I've also been working on backing up files from an old computer we have, then I'm going to wipe the hard drive and reinstall things and see what I can do with it. It will be good to keep around in case we ever need it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!


Miss Liss said...

Yay! I am so happy that you got a laptop, and that you are feeling better!!

Jessica said...

Your new laptop sounds sweeeeet! My mom just got one recently and whenever I use it I have the same problems with the keyboard and touchpad/mouse/whatever that thing is....I actually prefer desktop computers to laptops, but right now I don't use any computer a whole lot, other than some stuff for school. Anyway, congrats!!
Happy New Year!!! :)